The Secret Life Of Trolls

 I was just reading a post about Trump escalating attacks on Bill Clinton. 

Yes, you read that right. 

Anyway, it had the usual assortment of comments, including one pro Trump comment from someone with what looks like a fake German last name. I checked his profile, and as expected found a mostly empty page. No posts and only one "friend or following". This turned out to be a page for the Chief Executive or Hong Kong, which may not be genuine. All of his posts were in Chinese.
I guess US based trolls are too expensive, so the trolls are coming from a Hong Kong based service, as are the "Make America Great Again" hats.

Please Stop With The Divisiveness!

Instead of screaming about the difference between the current favored candidates, maybe we should consider what they have in common. 

Yes, both have married daughters, Chelsea Clinton, and Ivanka Trump.

What's more, both daughters have father-in-laws who were convicted felons!

And for those of you inclined to conspiracy theories involving the New World Order, Bilderberg Group, and Rothchilds, both father-in-laws were Jewish!

How did you manage to miss that?

Mitch McConnell - Turtle or Chicken?

Personally, I go against the grain and think he looks more like a chicken.

Meanwhile, he must be thankful for the likes of Trump, Cruz, and Christie keeping him out of the public eye.

But no, he hasn't fully escaped, with Bette Midler being the latest in the line of cruel critics of the distinguished senator.

Another kind of obstruction in "If Only You News" and probably tonnes (as they say in the UK) of other sites.

Panama Papers?

I saw something about this posted on FB by Fantasy/ SF writer Raymond Feist. The people using this are more likely to turn on each other than any governments, especially if one thinks the other is ripping him off. It's interesting to see where the funds are.

Panama Papers

Not really a big deal...

Of course we're seeing this all over the place - the guy in charge of Trump's veterans group was busted by the FBI for all kinds of things, such as being too friendly with Bundy, etc. blah blah.

Some of you who were around NJ in the 70's might remember the story of Ray Donovan, who was a big Reagan supporter and fund raiser. He was in line for a cabinet position (Secretary of Labor?), until he was busted for the usual types of NJ construction business corruption charges. 

Anyway, here's a link to one of the thousand and one versions from Addicting Info.

Oh yeah.  His wife is that weird NH Tea Party politician who looks like she's trying to be a combination Bachmann/Pailin lookalike.