Tweet-o-mania, First Outburst For Today

This morning's first Tweet-o-mania. The sedative must have worked, since there was a 9 hour gap from yesterday's last outburst until today's first, which came around 8 AM EST. You can see that it takes him well over a minute for an average uttering, which also shows he doesn't know to use voice recognition or it doesn't understand what the f*ck he's saying.

Russian Military Aircraft Crashes. There's something fishy here.

The flight was carrying entertainers for Russian troops to Syria. It's attributed to technical failure or pilot error, and happened 2 minutes after takeoff from an airport near Sochi, located on the Black Sea. I can't see no communications about a problem if their was any kind of failure. I saw something elsewhere about a (criminal) investigation being launched on Putin's order, which seems strange since one would be launched anyway.
Russian Military Aircraft Crash