Merry Christmas

Once upon a time I wrote a Christmas song. It has a great outro. The best. Believe me!

Trump's Hypocrisy, China China China, Coal, And Steampunk SUVs


If there's one thing Donald Trump should be known for, it would be hypocrisy. Really, he says EPA restrictions should be lifted on coal, and increased on imports from China, But of course neither are applicable to him. 

I don't see him converting his properties to coal power for heating. Why not? Oh, it would probably drive property values down, and make the neighborhoods less desirable due to pollution. Around 1960 I went to school in a building that had been built prior to WWI,and it had a coal furnace, which was fascinating to a fourth grader. The thing was a mess. It also had a WWII air raid siren in the hallway which was loud enough to be heard 3 or 4 miles away. We didn't need rock and roll to damage our hearing and brain cells.

As far as Chinese imports go, his family's profits would take a severe hit. 

Why isn't he doing all of the following?

1) Stopping all Trump merchandise manufacturing in China.

2) Not paying any existing balances. Everyone knows this shouldn't be a problem for him.

3) And here's the best one yet - burning all Chinese manufactured goods remaining in his warehouses. Wouldn't it be the patriotic thing to do? Believe Me.

But in any case, he probably wouldn't move any manufacturing to the US, but find someplace less expensive than "China, China, China." 

I saw something about some of Ivanka's items being manufactured in Ghana. Uh oh, wait until Richard Spencer finds out.

Anyway, it won't happen. His big business and Rothschild minion buds would never allow it.

Looking at coal again, it hasn't had any significant use for powering locomotives or ships for decades, with the last locomotive production dating to the the tail end of the 1940's. I'm not sure when the last coal powered ships were built, but it may have even been earlier. BTW, the last coal powered steamship on the Great Lakes was retired in 2014, to much fanfare. 

But wait! Here's an idea. How about coal powered SUV s? The possibilities are mind boggling, and they wouldn't have to use archaic technology. The coal powered boiler could drive a generator turbine, which in turn would supply elecricity to an electric motor! Yes, a Steam Punk SUV. The "rolling coal" mobs should be thrilled. In addition, the following features could be added. The coal burner could slide out for tailgating eliminating the need for lugging around a gas grill. The boiler could also drive a mini-calliope programmed to play Dixie. And finally Confederate flag holders and rifle racks could be included at no extra cost. There's only one problem. The oil and natural gas  guys in Texas probably wouldn't go for it. 

Cheapo Parlor Guitar Shootout

I like cheap guitars. They're actually have better quality and a much lower price in relative terms to what were considered standard guitars in the 1960's.
In this case I'm comparing a Ibanez PN15 to a Gretsch "Jim Dandy". Yes, that's the Gretsch's actual name. I apologize for the mumbling.

The Gretsch has a much smaller body and shorter neck, but with more distance between strings, and stylistically correct open tuners, while the Ibanez has a larger body and longer neck, and contemporary closed tuners. It seems to have more body resonance, and the guitar weighs much more.  I play the same material on each guitar. BTW, the Gretsch is much more comfortable to play.
Once again, I apologize for the mumbling.

Futuristic Lost City In Antarctica (Event Chronicle)

Boy, the guys at Event Chronicle Never fail to disappoint.

Impending Announcement of Ruins from Futuristic Civilization Found in Antarctica (click here).

Wonderful picture too. This is the sort of thing that 99 cent Kindle novels are made of, featuring the Illuminati, Knights Templar, Nazis, Extra-terrestrials, Rothschilds, Khazarian Jewish Mafia, and sometimes all of them!
Yes, there have been weird rumors of strange goings on in Antarctica immediately after WWII - entire Naval fleets disappearing, etc.