Down At The Debate - A work in progress...

Trumplodytes are having fun,

Down at the debate.

Yes, a work in progress. The mix needs more work, pumping in the guitars... 

Added 10/29/2016

Ok - Parody in progress to the tune of Iko Iko

Not quite the lyrics on the audio at the moment...

Trumplodytes are having fun,

Tom and Dick and Sally,

Each and every single one,

At their racist rally

(Iko Iko Chorus)

Donald's telling everyone, 

He don't get no respect.

No one seems to recognize,

His mighty intellect.

(Iko Iko Chorus)

Clinton has a crooked mind,

That's all that I have heard.

But nothing said will ever match,

The Donald's twisted words.

(Iko Iko Chorus)

Cheeto Jesus full of shit,

As one and all can see,

He should go get ready for,

A colonoscopy.


I'l probably change the first two lines of the chorus to something like 

Donald! Donald!

Cheeto Jesus All Day,

Furriners and Mexicans,

Will take your dreams away

I'm not with him...

One of the benefits of having Chris Christie as governor is that almost everyone can't stand him, even the far right. Well they consider him a RINO anyway. Hey, many in the NJ GOP even started keeping their distance from him over a year ago. I have no doubt enough signatures could be collected for a recall, and there should soon be sufficient charges against him  for an impeachment, but unfortunately there really isn't enough time left in his term for either to take place. 
Cutting off his expenses would be nice, but even that would take awhile. I guess our best bet would be the Bergen County Bridgegate charges causing him to resign.

Mafias of Diverse Sorts

Like the 18th Century Phrasing?

Over the past couple of days, Lou Dobbs was overheard ranting about the "Mormon Mafia", while Alex Jones stuck to the old reliable "Jewish Mafia", to be distinguished from the new-fangled "Khazarian Jewish Mafia" glorified by a certain Mr. Fulford of extreme tin-foil hat fame.

Rest assured, it looks like all god's children got mafias, and they even have a soundtrack!

Godzilla Triumphant 2020?

We all realize the 2016 election cycle is a mess. Thankfully, we can look forward to 2020 and the possibility of Kanye West, and maybe Howard Stern if we can convince him to run, which he should seriously consider given the impact he has had since Trump was nominated. 
And let's not forget third parties. I'm thinking the Godzilla Triumphant Party could revolutionize US Politics. Even though the Big G isn't a citizen, he can still provide inspiration and guidance, much as Vladimir Putin has for Mr. D. Trump.

From A Bernie Bro Plus

I have a long time friend who has gone far beyond the normal limits of a Bernie Bro into the land of conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hats, virtually indistinguishable from those in the far right la la land of Alex Jones. 
This one combines all of our favorite Hillary, Rothschild, Federal Reserve, and probably Bilderberg and New World Order all in one wonderful package.