Fake Microsoft Support Scammers Hacked (Boo Hoo)

Yes, a security expert counterattacked some of those fake ms support hackers operating out of India with some ransomware. II would love to have been able to hear the dialog in their data centre.

Ha Ha

"Help! The client's PC has somehow managed to disable our network! It seems apparent that our fake virus was more effective than we have believed possible."

Screwy Louie And Other Dinosaurs

So some, but not all, of the Democratic Congressional Reps decided to hold a sit-in after the [mostly inbred] GOP Reps displayed their expected behavior regarding guns for terrorists. 

The classic response was by Rep. Louie [Glow worm] Gohmert, yelling about "Radical Islam...", forgetting he may well represent "Radical Inbreeding."

There was another story yesterday, about an Alabama woman requiring rescue, when she was unable to get out of a plush dinosaur head from a "Barney" costume, which also seems like something that could happen to Rep. Louie.

Rep. Don Young of Alaska, of bolo tie fame,  also had to be restrained

Poetic Justice "Contest"


Pick the politician of your choice, and describe what poetic justice would be for them. There is no restriction by country.You can even criticize Putin or Erdegan if you want!

Example: For Donald Trump, Poetic Justice is being locked in a bathroom in an abandoned casino for the remaining duration of the campaign. For Hillary, it would be forgetting the password for her email account on the private server and being unable to change it. For Ted Cruz it would be having to wait in a voicemail queue to speak to God, all while having to listed to a medley of Eurovision song competition entries.