About Us (Kind Of)

Yes, this is a very early "Work In Progress"

If you check any of he social media sites on any given day you can't help but notice this..

That's right, you'll constantly notice stories with headlines stating "Conservative Heads Will Explode..." etc. If they actually did, it would make for spectacular TV. Even a slightly less violent version, with them becoming apoplectic, thrashing on the floor, and finally speaking in tongues before being carted out in strait jackets would be OK, and probably more entertaining. 
And wouldn't it be a good idea to have all of these statements in one place? Additional sections could have titles like "Proud To Be Inbred",  and "First Church Of Bleached Blonde Jesus Of The Televangelic Faith". Of course provisions for all of our everyday rants can be included.
Let's see what evolves.

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