Musk's Conservative AI Not Inbred Enough?


So far, however, the people most offended by Grok’s answers seem to be the people who were counting on it to readily disparage minorities, vaccines and President Biden.

Asked by a verified X user whether trans women are real women, Grok answered simply, “yes,” prompting the anonymous user to grumble that the chatbot “might need some tweaking.” Another widely followed account reposted the screenshot, asking, “Has Grok been captured by woke programmers? I am extremely concerned here.”

Apparently not.

A Classic

Not really a big deal...

Of course we're seeing this all over the place - the guy in charge of Trump's veterans group was busted by the FBI for all kinds of things, such as being too friendly with Bundy, etc. blah blah.

Some of you who were around NJ in the 70's might remember the story of Ray Donovan, who was a big Reagan supporter and fund raiser. He was in line for a cabinet position (Secretary of Labor?), until he was busted for the usual types of NJ construction business corruption charges. 

Anyway, here's a link to one of the thousand and one versions from Addicting Info.

Oh yeah.  His wife is that weird NH Tea Party politician who looks like she's trying to be a combination Bachmann/Pailin lookalike.