Musk's Conservative AI Not Inbred Enough?


So far, however, the people most offended by Grok’s answers seem to be the people who were counting on it to readily disparage minorities, vaccines and President Biden.

Asked by a verified X user whether trans women are real women, Grok answered simply, “yes,” prompting the anonymous user to grumble that the chatbot “might need some tweaking.” Another widely followed account reposted the screenshot, asking, “Has Grok been captured by woke programmers? I am extremely concerned here.”

Apparently not.

A Classic

Rothschilds, Jewish Khazarian Mafia, Freemasons, and other Fun Things, Including The Donald.

Incredibly enough, after spouting  about Evil Wall Street supporting Hillary, blah, blah to his adoring hordes, Donald has decided to appoint three of them to Cabinet positions, and lo and behold, they aren't just your normal Wall Street ghouls, but also Jews, which means they are minions of the Rothschilds, Khazarian Jewish Mafia, etc..
You know, the ones who control the Federal Reserve and the rest of the world's banking systems. Hey, why stop there? They also control the whole world, right?

"The Event Chronicle", a website that at times resembles the old "Weekly World News", and features rambling by a guy who resembles an an angry version of Chevy Chase, was just proclaiming that the Khazarian Jewish Mafia had just been banned in several countries, attributing it somewhat to Trump. Now however, these appointments may bring his noble altruism into question. 

All About Da Rothschilds (Event Chronicle)

BTW, they had an even better one yesterday about Trump's briefings on UFO's

And here's a wonderful illustration