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Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert keep getting in these messes because their party acts as if being anti-Muslim is the same as being pro-Jewish. It's not.

Molly Jong-Fast


Updated Jun. 15, 2021 6:16PM ET / Published Jun. 15, 2021 4:06PM ET 

It’s good that 47-year-old Marjorie Taylor Greene learned this week that the Holocaust was bad.

It’s something most of us have known for our entire lives, but MTG hasn’t had a lot of time for learning, busy as she’s been with CrossFit and stalking AOC for clicks and spreading antisemitic theories. Like all people who learn something new, MTG announced her revelations with a press conference about the badness of the Holocaust she opened with the modest and somewhat confusing announcement that “I always want to remind everyone, I’m very much a normal person.” She concluded by complaining about socialism with the baffling, “There is no veteran that signed up to serve in the military and there nobody that fought for our country because they wanted America to be a socialist country, they did it because they want America to be a free country.” It was, as they say, a journey.

MAGA loves the Jews, well, sort of. One of the hallmarks of the far right is their obsession with Israel and their weird fondness for the Jewish people who need to be in Israel to help set the stage for the end times and the second coming. It’s a “love” that was helped along by mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who passed away earlier this year and who loved Israel, casinos, and the GOP, though not necessarily in that order.

Adelson Loved Israel, Bankrolled a Man Loved by Anti-Semites

The problem with the MAGA set’s fondness for the Jews is that it’s so often grounded in antisemitic tropes, a tension embodied by Trump trying to relate to the Republican Jewish Coalition by telling the crowd, “I'm a negotiator, like you folks,” and “Is there anyone in this room who doesn't negotiate deals? Probably more than any room I've ever spoken.” Another time, Trump told American Jews who support Democrats (that’s 79 percent of us, by the way) that we’re showing “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

The dumbest member of Congress, Louie Gohmert, who accidentally embraced Qanon—oops!—also "accidentally" donated $5,500 to an anti-LGBTQ pastor who also hates the Jews and is known for such hits as “The Jews Are Our Enemies” and “Jewish Synagogue = Synagogue of Satan.” Maybe Greene could take World Baptist church leader Pastor Steve Anderson, who doesn’t believe the Holocaust ever happened, on her next tour of the Holocaust Museum?

Meantime, expect Gohmert and Greene to vote with their party as it votes to censor not just Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar but fellow “Squad” members Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and AOC for Omar’s tweet saying that “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice.” While Omar did not say that the U.S., which has unquestionably committed atrocities, is the same as the Taliban, Republicans didn’t care. Elizabeth Bruenig points out in the Atlantic that, “Goaded by Trump himself, they claimed that Obama was a secret Muslim. Naturally, when presented with Omar, an actual Muslim, they wasted no time turning her into an object of fear and derision.”

The GOP game is to pretend that being anti-Muslim is the same thing as being pro-Jewish, which simply isn’t true and is why so few Jews vote for Republicans who are more than capable of being both anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish. If the Republicans really want to win Jewish voters, not just gesture at the idea the same way Trump pretended to court “the Blacks,” maybe they could try being less antisemitic?

Instead, expect a week of false equivalencies as Republicans try to censure Omar for a tweet they never read as payback for Democrats booting Greene from her committees for being a disruptive lunatic. I wouldn’t be surprised if MTG’s museum appearance was set up by Republican leadership to set the stage for more targeting of Omar as Republicans are ready to both-sides anti-Semitism right to hell, and who better to do it than moron House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who went on Fox and Friends to tell the airheads on the curvy couch that Omar is “anti-American” and that if Republicans retake the House in 2023, he will kick her off the foreign affairs committee.

As someone whose grandpa was called "anti-American" by Republicans and then thrown in jail, I suggest Omar wear this threat as a badge of honor.

Proud To Be A 'Murrican

A song lyric from about four years ago

I can't believe what's happened,

I never thought I'd see,

I wouldn't call them people,

'Cause they don't look like me.

Every night I toss and turn,

My night light by my bed. (how about changing it to rifle?)

I'm Proud to be a Murican,

And Proud to be inbred.

Sunday at the Walmart,

I shop for what I need,

Fifteen Dollar Camos,

Remotes for my TV.

They're all made in China,

That's what the label said.

I'm Proud to be a Murican,

And Proud to be inbred.

Surfing through the channels

It's hard to get the news,

When they're all infested,

With Libretards and Jews.

Praise the lord for Fox and Friends,

And all the things they've said,

I'm Proud to be a Murican,

And Proud to be inbred.

I put my trust in  Jesus Christ,

I saw him on TV,

With his locks of golden hair,

And cross of LEDS.

Praying that he'll listen,

Although I'm told he's dead.

I'm Proud to be a Murican,

And Proud to be inbred.

Donnie, Donnie, where are you going....

One of the only punk, metal, new wave songs in existence about Donnie Dotard, aka Lord Cheeto.

This is for anyone who doesn't like ads on Reverbnation, etc. BTW, I didn't even know they had any. 

On Reverbnation, a fancier look, but possibly with ads. 

Lyrics too!

Donnie Donnie

Donnie, Donnie
Where are you going ,
with your finger stuck up your butt?
Donnie, Donnie,
All of your dreaming,
But you're really only Putin's slut

Tweet all night,
Biggly Fool
Tweet all night,
Putin's tool, //change to "Putin's cool" ?
Tiny hands,
Tiny glands,
All the world's against you,
And you want to build a fence too.

Donnie, Donnie,
Cryng and screaming,
That the media is always fake.
Donnie, Donnie, 
I'm sure no one will listen, // change to "nobody's listening"?
Won't you kindly give us all,a break.

Tweet all night,
Biggly Fool
Tweet all night,
Putin's tool,//change to Putin's cool ?
Tiny hands,
Tiny glands,
All the world's against you,
And you want to build a fence too.

Donnie, Donnie,
Screaming and ranting,
That it's always someone else's fault.
Donnie, Donnie,
Crys in the sandbox,
Then runs away with his ball. // change to "he's the very bravest turd of all"?

Tweet all night,
Biggly Fool
Tweet all night,
Putin's tool, //change to "Putin's cool" ?
Tiny hands,
Tiny glands,
All the world's against you,
And you want to build a fence too.

Satan, Trump, Kushners, Syria and the Khazarian Jewish Mafia.

This has everything in it but our beloved Illuminati, sad to say. This makes Alec Jones seem a paragon of lucidity.

However, the real reason Trump ordered this illegal attack is because he is being blackmailed by the Satanists with a video they have of him murdering a 12 year old girl named Mary, Pentagon and CIA sources say.

Pentagon sources say the “Syria strike was done with advance notice to the Russian military for minimal damage while creating backlash and mass protests nationwide to fire Trump [Satanist] Khazarian handler Jared Kushner and purge the neocons.”

In case you find it hard to believe Kushner is a Satanist, you might ask yourself why he bought the building 666 Fifth Avenue that housed a company called Lucent Technology that was developing micro-chips to be implanted into humans, ie the mark of the beast.

What really happened in Syria ( Benjamin Fulford in The Event Chronicle)

Russian Military Aircraft Crashes. There's something fishy here.

The flight was carrying entertainers for Russian troops to Syria. It's attributed to technical failure or pilot error, and happened 2 minutes after takeoff from an airport near Sochi, located on the Black Sea. I can't see no communications about a problem if their was any kind of failure. I saw something elsewhere about a (criminal) investigation being launched on Putin's order, which seems strange since one would be launched anyway.
Russian Military Aircraft Crash

Trump's Hypocrisy, China China China, Coal, And Steampunk SUVs


If there's one thing Donald Trump should be known for, it would be hypocrisy. Really, he says EPA restrictions should be lifted on coal, and increased on imports from China, But of course neither are applicable to him. 

I don't see him converting his properties to coal power for heating. Why not? Oh, it would probably drive property values down, and make the neighborhoods less desirable due to pollution. Around 1960 I went to school in a building that had been built prior to WWI,and it had a coal furnace, which was fascinating to a fourth grader. The thing was a mess. It also had a WWII air raid siren in the hallway which was loud enough to be heard 3 or 4 miles away. We didn't need rock and roll to damage our hearing and brain cells.

As far as Chinese imports go, his family's profits would take a severe hit. 

Why isn't he doing all of the following?

1) Stopping all Trump merchandise manufacturing in China.

2) Not paying any existing balances. Everyone knows this shouldn't be a problem for him.

3) And here's the best one yet - burning all Chinese manufactured goods remaining in his warehouses. Wouldn't it be the patriotic thing to do? Believe Me.

But in any case, he probably wouldn't move any manufacturing to the US, but find someplace less expensive than "China, China, China." 

I saw something about some of Ivanka's items being manufactured in Ghana. Uh oh, wait until Richard Spencer finds out.

Anyway, it won't happen. His big business and Rothschild minion buds would never allow it.

Looking at coal again, it hasn't had any significant use for powering locomotives or ships for decades, with the last locomotive production dating to the the tail end of the 1940's. I'm not sure when the last coal powered ships were built, but it may have even been earlier. BTW, the last coal powered steamship on the Great Lakes was retired in 2014, to much fanfare. 

But wait! Here's an idea. How about coal powered SUV s? The possibilities are mind boggling, and they wouldn't have to use archaic technology. The coal powered boiler could drive a generator turbine, which in turn would supply elecricity to an electric motor! Yes, a Steam Punk SUV. The "rolling coal" mobs should be thrilled. In addition, the following features could be added. The coal burner could slide out for tailgating eliminating the need for lugging around a gas grill. The boiler could also drive a mini-calliope programmed to play Dixie. And finally Confederate flag holders and rifle racks could be included at no extra cost. There's only one problem. The oil and natural gas  guys in Texas probably wouldn't go for it.